The STATE-OF-THE-ART report has been published!
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The STATE-OF-THE-ART report has been published!

The STATE-OF-THE-ART report has been published!

This Deliverable is the first outcome of the BIO-ALL project and summarizes the main results of the literature review and of the documentary collection carried out, as well as the results of field research based on the contributions provided by the main actors in the survey program.

The field survey consisted of carrying out more than one hundred interviews with universities, higher education institutions (HEI), companies, incubators/accelerators and other key players in the BIOHEALTH sector through the administration of a specific questionnaire, designed, tested, translated into four languages and presented to the selected interlocutors. The questionnaire was distributed and administered nationally – in Portugal, Spain and Italy.. The threshold of one hundred interviews to be carried out has been reached and abundantly overcome thanks to the interests of the interlocutors and to the promising prospects that the interlocutors themselves see in the BIOHEALTH sector and to the activities connected to it and induced.

The document includes a detailed descriptive framework and a comprehensive overview of the three countries (Italy, Portugal and Spain), also includes a comparative analysis between the three countries and final considerations to support the further development of the project. Each country then received a specific in-depth analysis aimed at capturing any specificity and characteristics with respect to the overall unitary framework.

In a short summary, the demand and supply of educational, training, financial and consultancy services in the BIOHEALTH sector as a whole and among the companies belonging to it appears to be very dynamic, very fragmented and different from each other as it was likely to be expected given the wide and varied aggregation of activities related to the BIOHEALTH sector (BIOFood, BIOMedicine, BIOEnergy, BIOPharma, BIOBuilding, etc.) and typical of a sector in rapid affirmation and tumultuous growth.

Read the report below!

To learn more about the BIOALL project or if you would like to know how to participate in the project activities or have access to the resources produced, you can do so by contacting Pedro Costa through the email