The first Bio-All Igniting event in Portugal was a success
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The first Bio-All Igniting event in Portugal was a success

The first Bio-All Igniting event in Portugal was a success

BIOALL igniting event

The BIO-ALL Igniting Event, hosted by LabFit with the support of UBImedical, from the University of Beira Interior took place at the incubator of the University of Beira Interior on November 22nd.


The event started with an opening session where Dina Pereira, manager of UBImedical introduced briefly the relationship between the academic and business community in the framework of biohealth sector.

Ana Palmeira, co-founder of LabFit presented the history of the company that is strongly related to the Health Sciences. LabFit was born from the academic research of the two sisters and co-founders, Ana and Rita Palmeira de Oliveira. Their project developed under their PhD thesis started up at a contest organized at UBI – ‘WinUBI’ – where they achieved the second prize as well as the women prize, and many others followed that helped the company start its track to success. Ana Palmeira said that when they started they “didn’t know how to talk the language of entrepreneurs”, and she felt the need to do an MBA, to better understand the language, the needs and the ecosystem.

During the event, the Bio-All project as presented with a strong focus on the key results to achieve: accelerating the knowledge of businesses in the biohealth sector, giving the entrepreneurs the tools for business management and entrepreneurship they need, through training and mentoring.

João Leitão, professor of Economics at UBI, director at UBIexecutive Business School and member of the Bio-All team, complemented the project presentation by reflecting on the importance of competences for team management, leadership and resilience in this field of entrepreneurship and presenting the international joint post-graduation that Bio-ALL for entrepreneurs in the Bio health sector is going to deliver.

The event had a great turn-out, especially from students of UBI, mainly students of Biomedical Sciences, that demonstrated a huge interest in the projects and its future outputs.

In the end, the participants of the event had the chance to visit the LabFit laboratories and meet part of the ecosystem at UBImedical.

To learn more about the BIOALL project or if you would like to know how to participate in the project activities or have access to the resources produced, you can do so by contacting Pedro Costa through the email