BIO-ALL ongoing work
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BIO-ALL ongoing work

BIO-ALL ongoing work

The BIO-ALL project brings forward a co-creation methodology that will accelerate knowledge and competences to boost efficient innovation and entrepreneurial processes in the BIOHEALTH sector. Already through its first year, the work that has been laid has extensively reached the target groups to gather important insights and fine-tune the next steps of the current phase.

The starting point of the project has been concentrated on activities for an exhaustive mapping of the STATE-OF-THE-ART, leading to a global report with various insights and suggestions for the project development. Now, the partnership is planning to dive into more meaningful interviews and research the best practices that will contribute to the definition of a Blueprint (Roadmap) for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in BIOHEALTH sector and provide useful hints for project main results such as the International Joint Post-Graduation and BIOHEALTH Gear Box Business Accelerator.

As the involvement of the target groups (and end-users) is considered essential for the deployment of the BIO-ALL methodology, a set of participatory activities have been designed and allocated to partners responsibilities, that aim at promoting not only the engagement of key stakeholders in the project (particularly piloting of the main project results) but also encourage long-term collaborative practices and schemes/methodologies that will last after the project´s end. Partners in all countries have already started to implement these events, opening-up the project to co-creative processes and bringing together different BIOHEALTH key players and a multitude of perspectives.

This holistic participatory approach will feed with valuable information the creation of a ground-breaking up-to-date and attractive International Joint Post-Graduation in Advanced Skills for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the BIOHEALTH sector – as well as a capacitation programme on Advanced Studies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the BIOHEALTH sector. In that sense, the results of the events that occurred, are already being utilized to produce a body of knowledge that will spark the development of the set of competences and tools to support higher education-degree holders’ in successful approaches to new high-tech businesses in BIO-related fields.

Finally, Academia and Business partners, will be linked in the next months with the co-creation and piloting (validation) of an innovative and unique International Joint Acceleration Programme (the “BIOHEALTH Gear Box Business Accelerator”) to support high-tech seed-stage companies in the sector and ensure a successful business journey idea-to-market.

With the above results in mind, the basis of a Connecting, Validating, Piloting and Boosting ecosystem will be set in place to and elevate entrepreneurship in the BIOHEALTH sector!

To learn more about the BIOALL project or if you would like to know how to participate in the project activities or have access to the resources produced, you can do so by contacting Pedro Costa through the email