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In Italy, Fruili Innovazione organised in Udine, the first BIOALL IGNITING EVENT under the motto “Tools to support entrepreneurship in the BIOHEALTH sector. The event with the aim to present the BIOALL project and to engage with relevant Stakeholders was a success. It was attended by entrepreneurs, future investors, benefactors and patrons, but also by managers of support structures such as industrial parks or students.

Under the moto of entrepreneurship participants discussed relevant aspects associated to the conditions and needs for “Doing business in the life sciences sector”. It was an opportunity also to highlight what are the success factors involved in and how can those factors be of inspiration for future entrepreneurs and researchers in the area.

In Portugal, the BIO-ALL Igniting Event was hosted by LabFit with the support of UBImedical. The event started with an opening session briefly introducing the relationship between the academic and business community in the framework of BIOHEALTH sector.

Then, the Bio-All key results to achieve were presented: accelerating the knowledge of businesses in the biohealth sector, giving the entrepreneurs the tools for business management and entrepreneurship they need, through training and mentoring. UBI, director complemented the presentation by reflecting on the importance of competences for team management, leadership and resilience in this field of entrepreneurship and presenting the international joint post-graduation that Bio-ALL for entrepreneurs in the Bio health sector is going to deliver.

LabFit also presented its history of creation strongly related to the Health Sciences, where the founders said that when started they “didn’t know how to talk the language of entrepreneurs”, and felt the need to do an MBA, to better understand the language, the needs and the ecosystem.

The event had a great turn-out, especially from students of UBI, mainly students of Biomedical Sciences, who demonstrated a huge interest in the projects and its future outputs.

BIOALL igniting event

In Spain, the event that was organized by CEEIARAGÓN started with a presentation of the BIO-ALL and the network of partners that are involved. The aims and objectives of the project were shown in detail, and then the focus was on the demands of the international market, and how in order to thrive in the current “BIOHEALTH market” you must have good knowledge of it and of the competitors, find the right interlocutor in others countries, have the flexibility to adapt to the characteristics of each market and have International vocation from the beginning.

Following, was hands on for the round tables of discussing the assets that companies of biotechnology need in order to grow and develop successfully, and the most useful remark that surfaced was that the human capital even if has direct expertise lacks the entrepreneurial skills and market orientation to lead a product development that will succeed.

In general, the need for updated training and education was confirmed once again, and BIO-ALL embraced with its very promising results.

To learn more about the BIOALL project or if you would like to know how to participate in the project activities or have access to the resources produced, you can do so by contacting Pedro Costa through the email